Saturday, July 5, 2008

ok.tata.bye bye.

4 years is a lot of time. Mumbai Local gets smart cards. I start traveling first class. Laloo becomes the best railway minister India ever had. I get conned. Babies are born. IIT/IIMs get reserved. Sam Bahadur dies a lone death. And I become a sort of writer.

Since 2004, I have met several nice folks through this journal of mine. Learned and unlearned through their comments , criticism and tips & tricks on how to be a good writer and how to change the world and how to groom yourself better. At times, even how to achieve nirvana.

So after keying some 40,000 odd words, I ask for a much needed sabbatical. Or a hibernation period. Or may be i'll-see-you-when-i-see-you holiday.

To sum it up, Ace has now officially left the building. You folks take care. Rock on:-)